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  1. “A training with full coverage of how Angular works with demonstrations that show best practices, Yes, Very Satisfied!”

    Steven Richards, MDA Corporation

  2. “Excellent course and very friendly trainer.”

    Kughan Nadarajah, nventive

  3. “I liked learning new Angular skills using best practices. And also networking.”

    Joao Luis Silva Vieira

  4. “Very insightful. Laurent is a great teacher. I really enjoyed learning about Services and Routing. I would definitely recommend the course to others!!”

    Arturo Sierra, ERCO Worldwide

  5. “Very detailed information, I like that coding exercises were done together as a group, the instructor is very knowledgeable!”

    Asim Karim, Atlantic Software

  6. “Giving a two day course in only one is a challenge master by few - Excellent job, Laurent!”

    Ian N. Wennerfeldt, KIMIK iT

  7. “The trainer is highly experienced, very calm and professional. The training facility, the training environment and the quality of the lecture are world class standard!”

    Abdulkabir Ojulari, Student

  8. “Thank you for all of your teaching!!”

    Hyunsoo Hwang, Student

  9. “I liked the professor's well knowledge and experience of the subject and his approach to go step by step into building the final project.”

    Mariam Bastami

  10. “Good balance of theory and practical exercises.”

    Adam Bodnar, Esri Canada

  11. “It was really good. Like the how practical it was!”

    Peter Lee

  12. “A great fun course that has left me excited to begin new work using Angular! Laurent covered the right topics to help me get that push to get started quickly. Thanks!”

    Abhijit Choudhary, PMI

  13. “Excellent training session!! Due to unexpected travel delays, I missed a morning of the session, but the instructor was so organized that he had project files that brought me right up to speed. Very strong knowledge of the material too!”

    Biju Philip

  14. “I don't remember how I first heard about you, but when I saw your workshop at ConFoo I was already sold. Great session. The beat was a bit slow for me, but not a lot (but it often is, so I guess this is more me than you). I wish you would have covered the HTTP interceptors just a little bit more (ie. how to hook them up), but we were running out of time and I'll just look it up. Great material, great hands-on formula. Will recommend without any hesitation, it was worth every penny I spent to attend.”

    Tommy Lacroix, NuageLab

  15. “Wanted to learn about Angular to be able to answer the question if this is a framework that we could use in future projects. I learned the basics and i'm excited to learn more.”

    Angelo, Cayenta

  16. “It was fun to go to school again. Thanks for the great content with jokes sprinkled in!”

    Steven, Cayenta

  17. “I was very impressed with what we were able to accomplish in only two days. Just a thought, if the training was extended to 3 days and include a restAPI component and a little more details on security that would be incredibly useful. I'm looking forward to the advanced training in the near future.”

    Alexander Canas, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

  18. “The instructor is superb and highly experienced. He was calm and able to carry everybody along with deep explanation and sharing of resources to ease further reading”

    Abdulkabir Ojulari

  19. “Had done some training online from pluralsight and also and none was as good as Angular Academy :) Keep going!”

    Gustavo Felisberto, SherWeb

  20. “Great introduction to Angular, gave me a good base to start building applications while also continuing to learn the more advanced concepts of Angular. Definitely a course I will recommend to anyone interested in learning Angular!”

    Phillip Couto, Eckler Ltd.

  21. “You are the best tutor I have ever known”

    Abdulkabir O., Student

  22. “Very enjoyable and interactive!! Shame I could not join the third day for advanced topics.”

    Tim Chan, FedEx Canada

  23. “Excellent mix of lesson and practice, Laurent knows the subject matter well and explains it in a way that is easy to understand.”

    Wynford Rees, FedEx Canada

  24. “I liked it that the training was only 2 days, very effective and interesting. I enjoyed the hands-on and appreciate the resources shared for further reference. Thanks!”

    Ninu David, MPAC

  25. “It's great to learn about Angular while doing an hands-on workshop!”

    Karl Métivier, CGI

  26. “This training was engaging, no wasted time, well worth the precious time. If only all training were like this... Thank you!!!!!!”

    Pierre Gangloff, NeuroPangea/Harvard Business School

  27. “The best training ever, and always up to date...”

    Mamadou Toure, La Capitale Insurance

  28. “Really instructive in the sense that it was well-structured (with a mixture of theory/practice) to provide a web-developer with efficient/right/straightforward cornerstone to master Angular... The brainstorming throughout the training saves for us years and hours of work... Highly recommended!!”

    Amal Boukhdhir, CRIUGM-Udem

  29. “Workshop is great, very helpful and very organized! I strongly recommend it!!”

    Allan Hu

  30. “Attending this course was very rewarding because the quality of the content was exceptional. The material provided by Laurent combined with his skills as an educator makes learning very easy. His motto is teach and learn by doing without leaving any student behind. I am very pleased with the course and highly recommend taking it. You will not be disappointed because you will learn; which is priceless. Thank you Laurent!”

    Jose Marino Albernas

  31. “It was excellent, informative and very professional.”

    Devyani Tupe - CPhA

  32. “The best course to demystify angular...and always up to date. I highly recommend it”

    Anonymous, La Capitale Insurance

  33. “This course provides an excellent foundation for building anything with Angular”

    Anonymous, The Pixel Shop

  34. “Excellent introduction to Angular! Perfect blend of theory and practice. Thank You!”

    John Zeweniuk

  35. “Excellent introduction to angular. Very well delivered; perfect balance of explaining theory and hands-on coding.”

    Michael Hebert,

  36. “Thanks for the training. Really helpful. It would be great if you can add Unit testing as well.”

    RaviTeja, MoneyKey

  37. “Loved the course. Laurent was both a good instructor and very technical. Some instructors are just instructors, they learn the technology just to teach and do not have much real world experience. Laurent was really good. Looking forward to arrange a private corporate session for my team if we decide to fully adopt Angular. The lab example we did through the course was sufficient enough for anyone to start creating their own Angular apps.”

    Sam Guan, RBC Royal Bank of Canada

  38. “I felt the content and pace of the course was perfect, would definitely recommend it to those who are looking to get a solid base in Angular.”


  39. “Excellent training. The instructor struck the right balance between pushing the pace and making sure the material was absorbed.”

    Kevin Haidl

  40. “Good introduction and overview of the Angular with 2 day hands on workshop style training. Laurent was very knowledgeable and professional.”

    Paul, AutoTrader

  41. “Clear and simple, also able to answer all questions from the students!”

    Anonymous, Hexonet

  42. “Great content, amazing trainer, perfect pace...”

    Frédéric Harper, Fitbit

  43. “Excellent!!!”

    Anonymous, Hydro-Québec

  44. “Very good!”

    Anonymous, PSP Investment

  45. “Excellent training on Angular. The pace of the class is good and we get to learn the different aspects of the Framework with hands-on exercices. A lot of advices on best practices and tools are given by the instructor. I would definitely recommend this training.”

    Matthieu Provost

  46. “This is a very solid and fun way to get started with Angular”

    Eric Côté, React Academy

  47. “I highly recommend his course for experienced js users who want to quickly become productive in Angular.”

    Herimanitra, Uqtr

  48. “The course was excellent, thanks for the opportunity to learn more about Angular, we will see you in the future.”

    Ernesto Lanza

  49. “Very well organized. The training was easy to follow, and the topics covered were very applicable to real-world Angular projects. I enjoyed it very much.”

    Anonymous, Esri Canada

  50. “I found that the training material was very informative and built on previous topics as we went through the course. Doing the labs together was also helpful engaging.”

    Francis, Online Business Systems

  51. “Excellent training. Laurent knew the material very well and kept a good pace to the course. Would love to have to see an advanced course where we expand further on the techniques we learned.”

    Jeff Harris, Crew Marketing Partners

  52. “Excellent introduction to Angular! Just understanding how to setup the environment and all the development tips has saved me weeks of learning. Thanks!”

    Gary Fuhr, Acrosoft Inc.

  53. “Laurent delivered a very useful, organized, and well structured 2-day training course. He knows his stuff.”

    Anonymous, BCIT

  54. “I enjoyed the well though out example, and found the class very informative.”


  55. “Training was excellent. Instructor took the time to answer everyone's questions but still kept us going to finish the content. Learned a lot. Thank you!”

    Travis Brazill, Washington State Auditor's Office

  56. “ The training was better than what I was expecting, had interesting answers to many questions that I had before the training! Laurent Duveau is very organized and patient person. ”

    Leila Groussel, BDC

  57. “The instructor was great and the training was very well done. Good mix of practical hands on, and "theoretical" how things work.”


  58. “I find the training very useful. Before coming to the sessions I wasn't sure if I can learn that much in two days. But the course is designed perfectly smooth that each section draws your full attention. I have Angularjs work experience and studied a bit on Angular before this course. The course enriched my knowledge very much!”

    Sadegh, Cisco

  59. “Cover a lot of topics on Angular\TypeScript and Web Development in general which is very good. The content is also well distributed and in order to be understandable which helps to learn faster.”

    Omar Moronta

  60. “Very practical, good rhythm and also the instructor have good knowledge of the framework and is very passionate.”

    Eric Gagnon

  61. “The teacher knew very well his subject was able to stay consitent during all the training.”

    Olivier Leger, LG2

  62. “The instructor knows his stuff pretty well like he invented it himself!!!”

    Tom Skjei

  63. “Knowledge of and passion for the subject, clear explanations, pacing, clear materials, lots of coding!”


  64. “Incredible, the instructor could predict questions as they came up... had clear concise examples... project flow was fantastic!!”

    Paul Maillet, Cyframe

  65. “Great training session. Laurent is quite passionate and we had good talks. The rythm of course is really great and live coding, in the context of a real world app is greatly appreciated. I previously developped some projects in Angular 2+ but despite this, I learnt some good tricks to continue taming the Angular beast. So even if you have good knowledge, you'll certainly learn something new!”

    Pierre Saussure

  66. “Excellent training. I am now ready to start a new Angular project with confidence. ”

    Christian Fecteau, Devalto Technologies

  67. “The Angular Academy was conducted in a professional and easy to consume condensed format for working tech professionals. I would highly recommend it to any one looking to get up to speed quickly with the latest version of Angular. The course material is very hands on, and you are left with many strong resources to continue your journey into Angular!”

    Dave Thomas, Auto Trader

  68. “I would like to once again thank you for the professional Angular training that we received!”

    Sakis, Plurilogic

  69. “Top notch Angular Workshop! Very well prepared!”

    Anonymous, Acquisio

  70. “It was a really great Angular workshop, on topic and a great rhythm. I learned a lot!!”

    Jean-Philippe Laverdure, University of Montreal

  71. “This is definitely a very good Angular course!!”


  72. “I found the workshop very interesting and I was able to learn a lot of things related to Angular, TypeScript and web development in general during it. For two days the content covers a lot of interesting aspects which could serve as a good base to start digging more into the subject.”


  73. “2 days of this Angular course... I got more than a week on my own!!”

    Chen Shen

  74. “A perfectly paced, hands-on dive into Angular and TypeScript that leaves you wanting more. I didn't want to go back to work the next day!”

    Mike Sigsworth

  75. “Thank you for the excellent training! It was really useful. I'm going to start a new project with Angular, and hopefully, I'll be able to implement the solution with all I learned!! ”

    Carlos J. García Carmona, Future Forward Inc

  76. “Thank you for the wonderful angular session, the perfect mix of theory and hands-on coding. It was compact but had all the info to set one off in the right direction to build enterprise grade apps!”

    Farhad Khan, CEO, Grype

  77. “Thanks again for the great Angular workshop, I took a lot away, and am excited to play around with Angular and with TypeScript in particular, and see how it can fit into our dev stack at work. ”

    Dan Adams-Jacobson, Orbis

  78. “ The course was really good to learn how to work with Angular. I already started my first app with Angular, it was a lot of new things I had to use, but now I can feel the real power of Angular! ”

    Gevorg Barsamyan, Canadian Heart Research Centre

  79. “I really enjoyed this course, and found the instructor very engaging with a deep understanding of the material. The lessons on TypeScript and Reactive Programming were informative and practical, and I left feeling confident in my abilities regarding Angular. Thanks again — I highly recommend this course!! ”

    Jonathan Mazin, Juice Mobile

  80. “Thanks again for the Angular training in Vancouver. The workshop was very useful with plenty of new things that we learned!”

    Stoyan Stoitchkov, Clearly

  81. “Your Angular course was very useful to me. I have a much clearer sense of the relations between the different Angular elements, now, and of how to approach structuring an Angular site. Your instruction style is perfect for a 2-day course (I have done some teaching, so I have some sense of the work required to prepare effective course materials).”

    Robert Kermode, Government of Ontario

  82. “ The Angular Academy course is taught by a very experienced and patient instructor. The course is very hands-on and provides a good tour of the Angular features. It also provides a great in depth knowledge of using Angular for my work. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Angular. ”

    Herman Lam, Ontario Government

  83. “Very interesting and professional training. Definitely recommend it!”

    Sebastien (Senior Developer), Hybris

  84. “This training is perfect to get you up and running with Angular. You will understand how to build a modern JavaScript application through code exercise, an effective presentation and questions/answers. I definitely recommend it!”

    Loïc D., SAP

  85. “The course was GREAT! I found it incredibly helpful in breaking through some conceptual barriers. I finally understand promises woohoo. We all had a blast. Thanks SO much, it was a great experience to go through as a team.”

    Geoff T., Clio

  86. “It was a great training and I really enjoyed it. I rarely have chances to just code so this was a real treat and I enjoy the capabilities of Angular.”

    Ken Saraf, Fujitsu Consulting