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Learn Unit Tests, Component Tests and End-to-End (E2E) tests in this awesome hands-on instructor-led online training!

What's in it?

Learn ALL you need to know about testing your Angular app with an industry expert in an immersive hands-on workshop.


It's hands-on! An important part of the training is dedicated to building apps together and testing things in real time (interactive learning class).


You should have significant experience with the core concepts of Angular and TypeScript.

Deep dive into Angular Testing!

Quality assurance with modern tools: Playwright, Jest, and Storybook.

Part 1: End-to-End Tests with Playwright

  • Playwright Basics
    • Technological Approach: CDP vs. Webdriver
    • Inside-Browser vs. Outside-Browser Testing
    • Playwright compared to Webdriver and Cypress
    • Installation & Setup
    • Boosting Execution with Parallelisation
    • Code Generator for a Quick Start
    • Debugging Capabilities in VSCode
    • Improve your Productivity with the UI Mode
    • Analyse and find Bugs with the Trace Viewer
    • Basic Selecting with page.locator
    • Different Selector Engines
    • Chained, Nested and Relative Selecting
    • data-testid vs. a11y-based Selectors
    • Actions
    • Verify with Web Assertions
  • Playwright Advanced
    • Miscellaneous: test steps, soft assertions, sequential mode
    • Clean Code with Page Objects
    • Playwrights “Dependency Injection”: Test Fixtures
    • Controlling the Network with page.route, page.on(‘request’), and request
    • Sharing localStorage and Cookies with Session Storage
    • Global Setup and TearDown with Project Dependencies

PART 2: Unit Tests

  • Jest
    • Jest vs Jasmine
    • Jest setup
  • Asynchrony
    • fakeAsync vs waitForAsync
    • Mocking: jest.mock, jest.fn, jest.spyOn
    • Testing with the inject() function or TestBed
  • Testing reactivity
    • RxJS Marbles for pipe operators
    • Testing NgRx

PART 3: Component & Integration Tests

  • Basics
    • TestBed and Dependency Injection
    • Differences between Standalone and NgModule-based Tests
    • Mocking of components, directives and pipes with ng-mocks
    • Pros / Cons of HttpTestingController
    • RouterTestingHarness
  • Component Tests
    • Mounting components
    • Wrapper components
    • Setting @@Input properties
    • Direct access to Angular’s DI
  • “Fallback” Technologies
    • Angular Harnesses
    • Spectator
    • Testing library

PART 4: Test strategies; How to test correctly?

  • Two contrasting approaches: London & Detroit
  • Testing strategies: When should I use what test type?
  • TDD in the frontend?
  • Testing Trophy vs. Testing Pyramid
  • Testable Architecture

Bonus: Visual Regression with Storybook

  • Screenshottests with Playwright
  • Storybook
  • Visual Regression & CI

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Our courses are different from anything you've seen before.... rather than just teaching you something, and giving you a bunch of exercises along the way, in our hands-on courses we focus on BUILDING a real data-centric business application, together!

So this isn’t just another one of those “watch me build something and try not to fall asleep” courses... our motto is Everyone Live Coding All Day Long!© Building a complete application together with the instructor. This way, by the end of the training we'll have built an entire app, and the instructor makes sure that nobody get stuck. You’ll also get lot's of advice and best practices on building and optimizing Angular applications with TypeScript and RxJS!

We think this is by far the most efficient way of learning a programming technology, and our attendees LOVE IT!

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