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Angular Academy
Angular Academy

World-class instructor-led live online Angular courses!

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Angular Academy is the #1 hands-on instructor-led classroom training and certification in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, ...)!

What's in it?

Learn the core concepts of coding a real business app with Angular and TypeScript from an industry expert in an immersive hands-on workshop.


It's hands-on! An important part of the training is dedicated to building apps together and testing things in real time (interactive learning class).



If you are in Canada we want to visit you. We are bringing the course to Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec, ... and now online as a live remote class as well!


You should have significant experience in building web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. No previous experience with AngularJS is required.


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Angular Courses

Organize a private Corporate Training customized for your group!
We offer to tailor the content to fit your team's preferences and expectations at no additional cost.

2 days to jump start with Angular

Angular Fundamentals Workshop
  • 🔥 14 hours of intensive hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Master Angular concepts to create complex data-centric web app
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
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This immersive instructor-led workshop covers all the core concepts and guides you to build a full Angular data-centric business application, including the role of TypeScript, project setup, code structure, style guide, using the Angular CLI, data binding, async requests to a REST API through services, observables, and routing. Angular Academy is the ideal starting point to understand and use Angular 13 effectively now. You'll experience several demos and "code along" activities and be provided with the code throughout the workshop, as you learn how to build apps using Angular 13, with plenty of interactivity with the instructor.

Day 1

  • TypeScript fundamentals
    • The TypeScript compiler
    • Type safety with type annotation
    • Classes and Interfaces
    • Generics
  • Setup and Tooling
  • Getting started with the Angular CLI
    • Popular commands and schematics
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Structure of an app
  • Components Model
    • Decorators, Templating Syntax, Data Binding, Directives, Input/Output, Events, Pipes, Encapsulation
  • Services and Dependency Injection
  • Reactive Programming with RxJS (Observables)
    • Understanding RxJS and its use with Angular
    • Subscribe() function
    • The async pipe
    • Pipe() function
    • Using popular RxJS operators
    • RxJS best practices
    • Handling errors in RxJS code
  • Async Requests to a REST API (HTTP)
    • The HttpClient service
    • A first async GET request
    • Consume an Observable response
  • Implementing a local cache with ShareReplay()
  • Debugging an application
  • Implementing pagination, sorting and filtering on a list

Day 2

  • Modules
    • Organizing a modular app
    • Modules imports/exports
  • Deployment
    • Optimizations for production
    • ng build and ng deploy commands
  • Migrating a project to a new version of Angular
  • Navigation and Routing
    • Using the Angular Router
    • routerLink directive
    • The router-outlet placeholder
    • Router service
    • Nested routes
    • Route parameters
    • Handling routing errors
  • Lazy-loading
  • Forms and Validation
    • Reactive Forms
    • Validation API
    • POST request
  • Using HttpClient to Update or Delete data on the server
    • PUT and DELETE requests
  • Authentication
    • Login component
    • Authentication Service
    • Security with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
    • Http Interceptors
    • Protecting access to components with Route Guards
  • Best Practices (Linting, Style Guide, …)
  • Final QnA
Note: we can also work with you to tailor the content for corporate on-site training to fit your team's preferences and expectations. Optional topics could be: Bootstrap, Material Design, Firebase, Unit testing, e2e testing, Ionic, NgRx, Progressive Web App (PWA), Internationalization and localization, accessibility, Angular Universal, Jamstack, SEO, ...

2 days to Master Angular

Advanced Angular Workshop
  • 🔥 14 hours of intensive hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Master advanced Angular concepts to create complex data-centric app
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
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This is an intensive instructor-led workshop that covers advanced topics dedicated to people who are already familiar with Angular and TypeScript! This workshop is very hands-on and you'll have the chance to work on an Angular data-centric business application with plenty of interactivity with the instructor.

Day 1

  • Advanced Routing
    • Lazy Loading
    • Preloading Modules
    • Diagnostic with traces
    • Auxiliary routes
    • Routes Transitions
    • Protect routes access with Guards
    • Route Resolver
    • Setting metadata for SEO
    • Router events
  • Complex Error Handling
    • Global Error Handler
    • Managing different types of errors: Code, Navigation, Http
    • Error Service, offline mode and log to server
    • Http Errors Interceptor with auto retry for failed requests
    • Notification Service: using an RxJS Subject to stream messages and display toast notifications
  • Optimizing performance
    • Exploring different techniques to improve your apps and make them run fast and smooth:
    • Bundling, Minification, dead code elimination, enableProdMode()
    • Performance for Data Binding with OnPush
    • Profiling an app performance
    • Web Workers to improve responsiveness
    • Profiling runtime performance
    • Using bundle analyzer
    • Virtual Scrolling
    • Improve ngFor with trackBy
    • Caching with Service Worker
    • Progressive Web App (PWA)

Day 2

  • Advanced RxJS
    • RxJS and Reactive Programming
    • Data Composition with Observables
    • Most important RxJS operators
    • Using Subjects (BehaviorSubject, ReplaySubject)
    • Introduction to Higher-order Mapping Operators (switchMap, flatMap, ...)
  • Modern State Management with Redux and ngrx
    • Why Redux ?
    • Introduction to the ngrx platform
    • Setting up ngrx store
    • Stateful vs stateless components
    • Immutability and performance
    • Ngrx error handling
    • Managing the router state in the store
    • Async actions with ngrx effects
    • Removing boilerplate with ngrx entity
    • Live debugging and time travelling with ngrx DevTools
    • NgRx Data
  • Angular Universal
    • Improving performances and SEO
    • Server-Side Rendering
    • Static Site Generation
    • Overview of Scully (Jamstack)
  • Final QnA

Testing Angular Like A Pro!

Testing Angular Workshop
  • 🔥 3.5 hours of technical hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Learn how to write Unit Tests and perform End to End (E2E) tests.
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
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Learn how to unit test your Angular projects! Testing services, components, forms, asynchronous code, & more!
Also covering End to End (E2E) tests with Cypress.

Topics covered

  • Angular Testing Overview
  • Setup, tools and technologies
  • Unit Testing
    • Organization and Conventions
    • Jasmine
      • Built-In Matchers
      • Setup and Teardown
      • Disabled and Focused Tests
    • Karma
    • Command line parameters
    • Testing Pipes
    • Testing Components
    • Testing Change Detection
    • Testing Services
    • Testing Asynchronous Code
    • Testing Http
    • Testing Forms
    • Testing Routing
    • Angular Test Bed
    • Run your tests in a headless browser for automated tests environments (Continuous Integration)
    • Code coverage report and Code coverage enforcement
    • Mocks & Spies
      • Mock with fake class
      • Mock with spy
      • The Auto Spies Library
  • End To End (E2E) testing
    • Protractor
    • Cypress
  • QnA

1 day to master RxJS!

Angular RxJS Workshop
  • 🔥 6 hours of intensive hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Master RxJS to compose complex data-centric Angular app
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
  • >> View schedules

"To Master Angular, you have to Master RxJS". But... RxJS comes with a steep learning curve, and we've seen so many teams struggling to use it properly within Angular. This live online workshop gives you a very practical approach to finally understand reactive programming and empower you to use RxJS and Observables in your Angular projects through lots of hands-on practice time. We'll show you how to implement Data Composition with Observables in order to have a full stream-based app!


  • RxJS and Reactive Programming
  • Data Composition with Observables
  • Exploring some RxJS operators and implementing them in a real world Angular business app
    • map
    • tap
    • filter
    • shareReplay
    • startWith
    • debounceTime
    • distinctUntilChanged
    • combineLatest
    • fromEvent
    • exhaustMap
    • ... and more!
  • Debugging RxJS


  • Using RxJS Subjects
    • Subject
    • Behavior Subject
    • Replay Subject
    • Creating an Observable Data Service with RxJs Subjects
  • Handling errors in RxJS code
    • Using the catchError operator
    • Using a custom Pipe in components templates
    • Adding an HttpInterceptor for failed Http Requests
  • Creating a custom operator
  • Higher-order Mapping Operators comparison and best usage
    • SwitchMap, ConcatMap, MergeMap
  • Best practices
  • Common pitfalls
  • Final QnA

Architectures for Enterprise Applications

Angular Architecture Workshop
  • 🔥 14 hours of intensive hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Design large-scale enterprise Angular applications
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
  • >> View schedules

In this interactive workshop, you will learn from Manfred Steyer - Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team - how large-scale enterprise Angular applications can be designed and developed. After the individual exercises, you will have a case study you can use as a template for your own projects. Also, this workshop allows you to evaluate the variety of options you can choose for your own projects.

Day 1

  • Structure for Large Applications: Monorepos, Nx and Strategic Design (DDD)
    • Plan architectures with Strategic Design (DDD)
    • CLI workspaces and monorepos with Nx (Nrwl Extensions)
    • Categorization for libraries, modules and components
    • Enforcing your architecture with access restrictions
    • Cross-domain communication
    • Configurable libraries with advanced DI patterns
    • The open/close principle in Angular
    • Distributing libraries using NPM
    • Build performance: Incremental builds and tests with the Build Cache
  • Reactive Architectures and your Tactical Design
    • Using the Façade Pattern
    • The Principle of the Least Responsible Moment
    • NGRX and your Domain Layer
    • Normalization and View Models

Day 2

  • Scalable architectures: Micro Frontends with Module Federation and Angular Elements
    • From strategic design to micro frontends
    • Advantages and disadvantages of Micro Frontends
    • Monorepos vs. multiple repos
    • Use Webpack Module Federation to load separately compiled and provided micro frontends
    • Dynamic Module Federation
    • Sharing dependencies
    • Dealing with different versions and version mismatches
    • Communication between Micro Frontends
    • Mixing frameworks and versions with Angular Elements and Web Components
  • Single Sign-on
    • Connect existing identity solutions such as Active Directory
    • Social login (login with Facebook, etc.)
    • OAuth 2 as well as 2.1 and OpenId Connect
    • Token refresh
    • Single sign out
    • Current recommendations of the OAuth 2 Working Group and consequences

Deep dive into Angular Testing!

Advanced Angular Testing Workshop
  • 🔥 2 days of technical hands-on training
  • 👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
  • 🎓 Learn ALL you need to know about testing in Angular!
  • 💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well
  • >> View schedules

Quality Assurance for Angular Solutions with Jest, Cypress and Storybook.

Day 1

  • Testing Fundamentals & Unit Tests
    • Angular Testing Pyramid
    • Asynchronity
    • Mocking
    • RxJS Marbles
    • Unit Testing in NgRx
  • Component & Integration Tests
    • TestBed
    • Mocking Components
    • Test Setup Strategies
    • Reducing Boilerplate: Spectator & Testing Library
    • Harnesses
  • QnA

Day 2

  • Testing Strategies
    • Two Schools of Thought: London & Detroit
    • What and how should I test?
    • Testing Trophy
    • Testable Architecture
  • E2E Tests
    • Landscape of E2E Frameworks
    • Cypress Basics
    • Page Object Model
    • Adding Cypress Commands
    • Reusing Harnesses
    • Mocking Network Requests
    • Test Design Strategies
  • Visual Regression & Storybook-based Testing
    • VR with Puppeteer
    • Testing with Storybook
    • VR with Cypress
    • VR with Playwright
  • Final QnA

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Courses and typical schedule
Angular Fundamentals 2 days 8:30am to 4:30pm
Advanced Angular 2 days 8:30am to 4:30pm
Testing Angular 0.5 day 8:30am to 12:00pm
RxJS Workshop 1 day 9:30am to 3:30pm
Angular Architecture 2 days 8:30am to 4:30pm
Advanced Angular Testing 2 days 8:30am to 4:30pm
If you have a group of about 6 or more people, we recommend our Corporate Training.
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Our courses are different from anything you've seen before.... rather than just teaching you something, and giving you a bunch of exercises along the way, in our hands-on courses we focus on BUILDING a real data-centric business application, together!

So this isn’t just another one of those “watch me build something and try not to fall asleep” courses... our motto is Everyone Live Coding All Day Long!© Building a complete application together with the instructor. This way, by the end of the training we'll have built an entire app, and the instructor makes sure that nobody get stuck. You’ll also get lot's of advice and best practices on building and optimizing Angular applications with TypeScript and RxJS!

We think this is by far the most efficient way of learning a programming technology, and our attendees LOVE IT!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Angular Academy ?
  • Angular Academy offers a wide range of Angular related courses (TypeScript, RxJS, NgRx, Architecture, Unit Testing, Material Design, PWA, ...), in the form of intensive classroom training for professional web developers, available as public classes or as corporate on-site training.
    We also have a professional studio that allows us to host live online virtual classes assisted by an instructor, that attendees can join remotely from anywhere.
  • Is it good ?
  • Glad you ask! 😉
    After so many years teaching Angular, we've been perfecting our intensive hands-on workshops to offer the most efficient way to learn Angular.
    We even think that we have the best learning experience worlwide!!
  • What is the experience like being in your workshop ?
  • Learn about it by someone who actually took the training!
    Read this review by an ex attendee: Learning Angular at Angular Academy
  • What is the price of the training ?
  • Click on Register to see the list of classes and prices.
  • What is the currency ?
  • Our prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD), so if you're in the US you get a good deal!
  • I'm in the USA, can I attend ?
  • Of course! You can definitely use your US credit card to register and pay online on this website.
    Note that our prices are in Canadian dollars... so you're in for a pretty sweet deal!
  • How can I get a discount ?
  • Easy! Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn as we often share promo codes!
  • What has changed for COVID-19 ?
  • Not much in terms of learning content, although we have adapted all our training material to be delivered online, see below.
  • Are you offering online courses as well ?
  • Typically offered as an in-person classroom training, we also have the option to host live online training (virtual class) assisted with an instructor. We have a professional studio that allows us to offer a similar learning experience and the same interaction with the trainer as in a typical classroom training; of course this is the kind of workshop that we prioritize during COVID-19.
  • Will you visit my city?
  • Just ask! If you are in Canada we can visit you for sure. Or we can have you in one of our popular instructor-led virtual classroom training (live remote class) which is our preference during COVID-19.
  • Which version of Angular are you using ?
  • We are *always* teaching on the latest version of Angular. We constantly update the training material to follow the new Angular versions. We like to brag that we are always the very first worldwide to teach on any new version of Angular 😉 See our history...
  • Can we customize the course content ?
  • Public classes are strictly following the courses outlines as seen above. But we can definitely tailor the content for private corporate on-site training to fit your team's preferences and expectations (at no additional fees). Optional topics could be: Bootstrap, Material Design, Firebase, Unit testing, Ionic, NgRx, Progressive Web App (PWA), Internationalization and localization, accessibility, Angular Universal, Jamstack, SEO, ...
  • Is it for students ?
  • The primary target for this training is web professionals, who have the course paid by their employer. But we are thrilled when students try to get in one of our training, so we provide 50% off promo codes for students, contact us if you are interested!
  • What if I don't have a computer ?
  • You should have your own computer or laptop, we typically do not provide hardware. But contact us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do.
  • Is it ok to use a MAC, a PC, or Linux ?
  • Both PC, MAC or Linux are perfectly fine, you'll get the same experience during the workshop.
  • What is the setup required ?
  • A detailed setup document is sent to attendees a few days prior to the training.
    Basically you'll have to install Node.js, Git and the latest version of the Angular CLI.
  • What do I need to attend a virtual class?
  • We use the popular Zoom online conferencing tool. You'll need a computer (PC or MAC), a headset with microphone and a second screen is required.
    - Option 1: Connect an external monitor to your computer/laptop so you can practice using the main screen and watch the course on the second screen.
    - Option 2 : Use a second computer or a tablet (iPad, Android) to watch the course.
    Read our Zoom Guide here
  • What do you mean by "live coding"?
  • (Learn + Try) * Repeat
    The trainer will explain a topic and quickly switch to a live coding exercise that each participant will also do at the same time. This means shorter but more often periods of labs that boost the learning experience!!
    Read why we think we offer the best learning experience you can get.
  • Which code editor or IDE will we use ?
  • Attendees can use the tool of their choice (Sublime, Atom, Eclipse, WebStorm, Visual Studio, …). The instructor is using Visual Studio Code, which is free, available on PC, MAC and Linux, and offers free extensions which greatly improve the experience while developing an Angular app. We recommend to give it a try!
  • Will I get any certification on completion of the course ?
  • You will receive an Angular Academy certification in the form of a course completion certificate, as well as an exclusive LinkedIn certification badge!
    Note that you can optionally try an Angular Certification
  • Can we host this workshop at our office ?
  • Of course! We can organize a Corporate On-Site Training on the dates of your choice (subject to availability) at your office anywhere in Canada. You can also choose to host one of our public classes in your office, if you can provide a room with WiFi, projector/TV, classroom or boardroom setup, big enough to accept external attendees as well, you'll get a great discount! We can also organize virtual classes that remote attendees can join. Contact us to schedule a session now.
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